One line horror – Creepy in 140 characters or less.

Since I’ve now accumulated quite a few horror tweets, I thought I’d post them here for anyone who likes flash fiction, horror or a mixture of both. If you enjoy these, please take a look at my novel The Log House. Information on this can be found here. 

  1. Ted hated when the children next door screamed and laughed. It made him wish he’d buried them deeper.
  2. There is a man with no mouth who lives under your bed. He collects your toenail clippings and uses them to create his jagged smile. 
  3. People are always so worried that they’ll be murdered in the shower. It’s dumb. There’s no murderer in your bathroom. They’re under the bed.
  4. I left you a present under your bed. You’ll love it, I know. I’ve been watching you. Don’t scream. They always scream. 
  5. Her new hair looked fantastic. Long, blonde, beautiful. It would look even better once it was clean. Scalping was always so MESSY. 
  6. Do you ever wonder how many bugs have crawled into your ears while you slept?
  7. Living in a forest, away from the world, seems like a great idea. Up until the singing in the dead of night. 
  8. Hear that scratching? Loud and close? It’s almost as though it’s inside of your head. Or your ear. Hair can tickle too, I wouldn’t worry.
  9. Did you know you talk in your sleep? It’s so cute. I can show you if you like. I have it all recorded. 
  10. In the dead of night, when all you can hear is your breathing…stop a moment. Listen. Is that your breathing? Are you sure? Listen. 
  11. I used to hide my china dolls in a wooden box while I slept, the lid weighed down. I’d still wake to find them next to me. Staring. 
  12. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Put one on your windowsill to stop him from climbing in or you may wake to find your kidneys gone.

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