Read The Log House before anyone else!

Penny is a survivor. She’s had to be. The world is different now. Unsafe. Humanity has been forced into hiding, locking themselves away from the dangers outside. The dangers lurking within the shadows. Penny has spent her whole life locked away, safe within the walls of an old manor house she shares with hundreds of others. Safe alongside her son. Her miracle. But there are more monsters than the ones outside the house. Jealously watching Penny’s every move, Mary waits for her opportunity to strike. An opportunity she takes one autumn evening.

The Log House is a character driven horror novel about revenge and survival.

After several long months, The Log House is finally nearing completion.

Edits have been made.

Covers designed.

And with Halloweennearing, what better way to celebrate than to release The Log House EARLYfor a small group ofyou?

I am so happy to announce that The Log House is being serialised by The Pigeonhole,a mobile reading site that not only launches titles in bite-sized instalments, but also allows you to discuss the books as you go!

The Log House will be availablefor free from 23rd October 2017and I’mso happy to finally be able to share it with you.

You can find a link to the site here

You can also buy the book via Unbound –


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